WTF! Photographer Leaked Picture Of His slay Queen Client Online? (Pictures)


What is this generation turning into? Why are youths and most especially ladies not learning from their fellow ladies mistakes. Just few weeks after a Facebook slay Queen popularly known as SHEKINAH GLORIA trended badly for her nude studio pictures.

Another slay Queen named TrappedQuin on Facebook has got herself trending on the internet for similar reasons just few hours after she posses almost completely naked for a photoshoot revealing her entire boobs down to her abdomen.

The pictures were released late last night by the same photographer who anchored her in the studio.

Same photographer Detty Francis who was rumored to be the mastermind of Shekinah Gloria nude pictures that broke the internet few weeks back has got himself on trending again for engineering yet another nude studio pics.

Some close friends of the slay Queen claimed she took the picture for a modeling purpose and not to be posted on online. Many said it was a planned stunt between the photographer and the slay Queen. The lady in question is yet to alter a statement or condemn the act.

The whole story seems twisted But for whatever reason, do you think it’s right for a lady of any class in her right senses to go to the studio and take naked pictures claiming its not for the internet?

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