This life Is Too Sweet, I Will Never Die For My Wife. – MC Jay


You all must have heard the story of the Nsuka student who poisoned himself few days ago because his girlfriend left him.

Well a very Popular Nigeria MC/comedian MC Jay has taken to his Social media handle to further condemn the act of the young boy who drank poison few days ago because his girlfriend left him for another man.

He said; This life na him person kill himself because of woman? No be say na him wife o. Even me myself, I will not die for my wife.

As a comedian that he is, you all might think he is joking. But MC Jay might just be saying nothing but the truth. He’s a very Blunt person and someone who most time says his mind like a joke from previous experience.

Mc Jay got married to his darling wife late 2018, a wedding which the traditional and white was held on 30th November and 1st December respectively just few weeks after his show Comedy Unplug.

The pair are happily married and happy together after they both committed and vow at their holy matrimony.

We can’t really say what the relationship between he and his wife looks like, but as a newly married man, such kind of caption is unhygienic and can even pose possible threat to his marriage.

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