Mr and Mrs Dave Adeyemi Celebrates Sons One year old birthday (See Photos)


Mr and Mrs Dave Adeyemi Celebrates Sons birthday.

You all can agree with me that Kids are usually excited when the time for their birthday arrives. This is mostly because they get to be the centre of attention as people fall over to fulfil their every wish.

It was a day of joy in the home of Mr & Mrs Dave Adeyemi, when their son, Akorede Joseph David clocked one on the 23rd of January. The couples who got married on the 16th of September 2017 are sure making the day a memorable one for their son as seen from the pictures they uploaded earlier today. They celebrated the day by posting cute photos of “Akorede Adeyemi” cute little son to their families and friends on their social media handle.

Akorede is one lucky child and obviously very dear to his parents.

Check out more photos of Akorede birthday pictures below:

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