Ladies: How to get a Kano guy to propose naturally without being obvious in your ways

  1. Act as the perfect girlfriend. Let him see in you all the ideal qualities he’s looking for in a future wife.

  2. Enjoy the company of your married friends. Hang out with your happily married friends, especially on occasions when he can feel the importance of celebrating with a family of his own. Let your friends help him appreciate marital life and realize there’s nothing to fear about it.

  3. Introduce him to your family. Bring him to family affairs and introduce him to your relatives and friends. Make your family like him. The same is true when it’s your turn to meet his family. Both of you must feel welcome and comfortable happy in the company of each other’s families.

  4. Talk about your future plans. Tell him what your visions are to let him see that he is part of your long term plans. Talk about where you want to build your dream house, the kids you’re going to raise as a family, or where you want to spend your retirement days with him. Although this may not make him propose to you on the spot, he will realize you’re seeing the future as a couple.

  5. Make him dependent on you. Attend to his needs and look after his welfare. Make him realize he can’t do things without your help. It will further make him realize he’s a better man because of you. Regardless of how manly he is, he looks to you for stability and support. He’ll be at a loss if he lets you get away.

  6. Let him feel insecure at times. Make him feel secure in your love. However, men often take it for granted, knowing their woman has an undying love for them. Let him know there are other guys who are interested in you and would be happy to occupy his enviable position. This will effectively put into perspective for him that other guys stand a chance to take away his prized possession since the two of you have a non-committal relationship.

  7. Live a life beyond him. Don’t allow your life to revolve around him to the extent of isolating yourself from the rest of the world. Have your own life separate from what you have with him. It’s a great way to imply that you can exist even without him and still be happy. Men find it satisfying to know that women are dependent on them for happiness, and thus, they take control in running the relationship and steering it to the direction they want.

While you wait for your boyfriend to propose, keep your dignity intact as you remember the following things:

1.Your boyfriend doesn’t control your happiness and future. Whether he proposes or not, there are other ways to live your life as happily and successfully as you want it to be.
2.Your guy may have a different agenda. He may just be using you to bide his time until he becomes more sure of his feelings and expectations.
3.Your boyfriend may have valid reasons for not proposing. Whatever they are, listen and understand his explanations.

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